The assessment of products within the context of sustainable development is done by means of the methodology ‘life cycle assessment’ (LCA). Using the results of the assessment contributes to the uptake of socially responsibility and therefore to sustainable development. It is within this context the activities of the Social LC Alliance have to be seen.

The purpose of the collaborative association is to be a platform, a knowledge centre and a learning network of experts coming from enterprises, social organisations and institutes, knowledge centres and consultants, authorities and other relevant actors who – from their specific knowledge and acquaintances – want to work (together), in other words form an alliance, especially round ‘life cycle sustainability assessment’ (LCSA).

The overarching LCSA carries out an assessment of products (goods and services) based on environmental, social and economic issues by combining three LCA techniques which all share similar methodological frameworks and aims. An environmental LCA (E-LCA) looks at potential impacts to the environment, a social LCA (S-LCA) examines the social and socio-economic consequences and life cycle costing (LCC) is used to assess the cost implications.

The association wants to make LCSA known and reinforce its scientific ground in order to assess the effects and advantages of products over their full life cycle.

We count on your collaboration!