Phase I_April_2019The main task for the SLC Alliance is at present to conduct a revision of the Guidelines for Social Life Cycle Assessment (S-LCA) of products (SLCA Guidelines). Since the publication in 2009, the interest in social impact assessment of products and companies has dramatically increased. While the SLCA Guidelines and the methodological sheets have played a decisive role initiating the practice of Social Life Cycle Assessment, the landscape has greatly evolved since. We have seen the publication of several handbooks and the proliferation of case studies and implementations. Databases for Social LCA were made available and applied, while impact assessment methods were created and tested. The main reference still remains the SLCA Guidelines but it is evident that a revision is necessary to incorporate new methods, experiences and to better guide the users wishing to perform a Social LCA.

The revsion of the SLCA Guidelines has two phases. The first phase consists in the revision of the 2009 SLCA Guidelines. The second phase – the road testing phase – see us engage with companies and other organizations and apply the updated Guidelines on a range of products or organizations and industrial sectors.  The revsion of the SLCA Guidelines is ongoing and the time plan for Phase I is illustrated below:

Phase I_April_2019

Further, the time plan for the piloting in Phase II is illustrated below:

Phase II April_2019